Affordable Restaurant Equipment Services  

When it comes to cost-effectiveness of restaurant equipment, you need to ensure that your equipment are working at their maximum possible efficiency. If you believe that avoiding regular maintenance of your equipment is way to save cost, think again. You might be paying more on energy bills than what you can save by keeping your equipment in good condition. Look no further than Sterling Parts & Service Inc. in Glendale, CA for affordable restaurant equipment services and keep your costs low in the long run. We have been the first choice for clients in our service area for over 60 years.

Sterling Parts & Service Inc. Rates   

We cover a 60 mile radius for outside service. Please take a look at our rates
mentioned below.

Hourly rates – Effective November 1st 2013

Normal working hours -- Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
$230.00 For first hour
$ 90.00 For each additional hour

Saturday (before 5:00 PM) – Overtime (time and a –half)
$320.00 For first hour
$135.00 For each additional hour  

Saturday after 5:00 PM Sundays & Holidays – Overtime (double time)
$410.00 For first hour
$180.00 For each additional hour  

Note: There is a minimum Service Call charge of one-hour (first hour on the job, travel time which includes a $50.00 truck charge.) Additional charges may apply for parts and materials needed to perform repairs. Additional charges also apply for distances out of our normal area. Our charges are based on ½ hour increments after the initial service charge.

We are a Member of 

California Restaurant Association
Commercial Food Equipment Service Agencies


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